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We believe that whether you are training for  improved fitness self-defense, or  competition,  it is best done together as a team under the guidance of dedicated, professional coaches who support the mental and physical growth of the people they lead. All while having fun! We train all ages and  every fitness level. From beginners to experienced athletes. Everyone has a place here at Team Mohler!





OUR FOUNDER Professor Mohler

Professor Allen Mohler , the founder of Team Mohler has over 30 years of experience.  Through hard work, dedication and commitment, he has succeeded in establishing one of the most highly-regarded Jiu-Jitsu schools in the United States. His martial arts credentials, Multiple Coaching Awards, winning multiple first place team trophies yearly and constant production of high level athletes over his entire career speak for themselves.

Mohler MMA, LLC

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Mohler MMA Grapevine


Mohler MMA, LLC

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Mohler MMA is a world-class training facility. Our founder Professor Mohler is a true pioneer in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since the opening of Team Mohler in 1993. He believes that training must be a consistent, fun, sustainable practice led by a great instructor and mentor!

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What Our Members Are Saying

Mohler MMA, LLC


If you have a good attitude and a willingness to learn, the coaching and camaraderie you will find in this gym will transform you. I say this because I’ve seen this happen to countless students over the many years I’ve been coming here.

Ask yourself: what is it that you want? Is it to learn how to defend yourself? To become a black belt? To be a champion fighter? To become a coach? Or maybe it’s just to get a great workout and get in the best shape of your life, and to have fun doing it. Maybe you want something for your kids to do that will help build their confidence and their discipline.

Coach Mohler has created an environment where all of this is not only possible, it happens every day. You simply will not find a more friendly, supportive, and effective place to enjoy your martial arts journey.

Mohler MMA, LLC


We definitely did so much research before deciding on a gym and Team Mohler  is our home for sure & the best Academy in Texas by far! Main reason is Professor Mohler not only teaches with passion but also guides his students to be the best individuals they can be! This academy has changed my children in their characters giving them discipline; respect; honor; but most of all self confidence! The Grapevine gym is amazing and pics don’t do justice cause this gym literally has everything you’ll need for everyone from children to adult with so many amenities! We’ve traveled all across the USA competing & visiting many academies and this Grapevine location is the best gym you’ll ever come across.  Come and see it for yourself!

Mohler MMA, LLC


One of the most beautiful MMA gyms ever!!! State of the Art facility and a professional staff.

PROFESSOR Mohler is an amazing coach and still has the same strong love and passion of the art since he first opened in 93!!!

This gym is a direct result of Him and his family's love and commitment to the  community!!!

Mohler MMA, LLC


Mohler MMA is a Premier school and not only in Grapevine and Dallas, but across the nation. I have been training Jiu Jitsu with Mohler MMA for 3 years and a half and Jiu Jitsu is now a part of my life that will always exist. I attribute my dedication and love for the Art to Professors Mohler's hands on approach to his students and knowing he genuinely cares that we are learning. Professor Mohler's instructors all mirror his professionalism and attentiveness to the students. If you have children look no further, my 4 year old daughter trains Jiu Jitsu here and she loves it. I would be here all day if I could. If I were to describe the Grapevine location... Huge, Clean, user friendly:) The Mat space is incredible, the location is spotless, If you need showers or lockers you won't find better amenities anywhere, the staff is always smiling and nice. The Mohler team worked hard to create this location and they really nailed it. Easy 5 stars

Mohler MMA, LLC


Our family loves this gym and the owners. The environment is friendly, safe, and most of all builds confidence in every single individual that trains with Mohler! If you are looking for self defense or just looking for a new home gym for Jiu Jitsu then this is your school. The inside has huge amounts of may space, viewing areas, a pro shop, and state of the art locker rooms with beautiful showers. Come train with the professionals and meet a lot of great people while your at it!! ❤️💪🏻🙌🏻

Mohler MMA, LLC


I visited from out of town and participated in a jiu jitsu class. Instructor Mohler was very welcoming and gave me a personal tour at entry. Good guys at every level, both gi and no-gi. Great culture/environment! Thanks Team Mohler for the great experience!!

Mohler MMA, LLC


I can’t recommend this place enough! A great facility with an even greater sense of community. I love it here.

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